Moore or Less: Looking Forward to 2020

MOORE-or-Less_NEW-Moore-Brand.jpgHappy New Year! The 2020’s will undoubtedly be a decade of profound change for our profession and our Moore community, but for now let’s focus on the next year.

As we continue forward, we seek to strengthen the alignment with Moore Global to increase the value to our members. Our plan mirrors this intent and focuses on five key strategies, including:
  • Profitable and Sustainable Growth
  • Community
  • Growing and Keeping People
  • Quality
  • Innovation
There are two components of this strategy – new members and member growth. For 2020, new member growth is particularly important as we look to make more investments in personnel to expand the areas where we can bring value.

New Members
We have a goal to bring in new members that fit our community, have strategic plans and are growth oriented. We will focus on unique industries and service lines that will expand the depth of resources available within our network of firms, but our primary target is filling our geographic gaps. We will approach key markets in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean to find members looking to expand and grow within a community of like-minded individuals.

Member Growth
While our members’ growth strategies are unique to each of their firms, we offer ways to help execute them through forums and initiatives that elevate awareness of member capabilities. In addition to extending and establishing channels with our members in Mexico and Latin America, our two key initiatives for 2020 include the North American Consulting Marketplace and the Member Education Webinar Series.

The North American Consulting Marketplace focuses on creating a marketplace of consulting solutions that can be leveraged by member firms to jointly serve clients. It is intended to be launched with the Spring Conference.  Second, the Member Education Webinar Series was launched in 2019 and acts as a communication channel to highlight individual capabilities within our members firms.

Since our community is strongest when individuals connect, our focus is on building and strengthening those connections through world class programs and conferences. For 2020, the North America Fall Conference returns with a focus on the Community Group program. The Spring Conference remains our marquee event for managing partners, senior leaders, and now select managers. We are also exploring a formal growth program to replace the one that was previously part of DGA.

On a broader scale, we are exploring the creation of country desks with key geographies, including Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and possibly Argentina. We will work with Latin America Regional Executive Director Valeria Gagliani on this.

Finally, the Caribbean is now part of the North American region. While members in this region are not set to become formal members of Moore North America, the Moore NA team will be the primary caretakers of the relationships. A Caribbean Managing Partner Community Group has already begun with interest in participating in the Spring Conference.

There are three important Moore Global initiatives to be leveraged – Moore Learning, Moore Global Mobility, and Moore Ambition. These are important elements that bring value to participating member firms.

While Moore Ambition is a global program, the Moore NA team is taking a leadership role in implementation.  Member firms are encouraged to bring 1-2 managers to the North America Spring Conference, where they will have time dedicated to development, in addition to participating in the problem solving exercise introduced last year.

Finally, members firms are asked to implement a Moore Liaison role to help their teams better understand how the Moore Community can be accessed and leveraged in the pursuit of individual goals and ambitions.

As Moore Global shifts the focus on this strategy from audit towards an overall mindset about quality, serveral initiatives are planned including the North American Quality Program.

The North American Quality Program is not a quality review program like what exists within the Moore Global Network. Rather, this is a program intended to periodically check in with Managing Partners and Lead Quality Partners of our member firms on changes to their overall risk management approach. It is more about understanding how members set their tone at the top and create a healthy risk management culture in all things with clients and staff. This will not involve detailed file reviews, rather individual conversations at least once every three years.

As you can tell, 2020 is scheduled to be a busy year at Moore North America! We remain committed to bringing the highest level of service and value for the investment made by member firms. We remain open to hearing feedback at anytime regarding how we can adapt, modify, and transform our offerings and experience to help you deliver on your important strategies and priorities.

Best of luck to you and your teams in 2020!  Carpe diem!