Moore or Less: Looking Back at 2019

MOORE-or-Less_NEW-Moore-Brand.jpgYear’s end is a popular time for reflection and as we wrap up 2019, I would like to share some of my thoughts on this past year at Moore North America.

Two words that have defined this year would be “new” and “change.” While change is never easy, I continue to appreciate how our members have embraced it and, in many cases, doubled down on their commitment to the Moore community.

The inaugural Moore HR/Marketing Conference was held in March. This was well supported by members and offered the groups the chance to discuss emerging issues in their respective areas, while affording participants the chance to establish and deepen relationships with fellow community members. We look forward working with the steering committees from both community groups to build upon this year’s success and grow this conference in the future.

In May, we celebrated our largest Spring Conference yet with over 160 attendees, including more than 20 global participants and nearly 30 managers. For the managers, this represented a first as we recognized the importance of expanding and deepening the relationships amongst leaders in our community.

Building from the momentum started at the Spring Conference, this summer we launched the Inflo Audit Analytics and Value Pricing pilot programs. These provided member firms with the opportunity to go beyond the theoretical discussions showcased at the Spring Conference and begin incorporating these solutions within their firms. From the feedback received, both pilots were successful with both groups contemplating the next steps in 2020.

In September, we expanded the US participation in the annual Mexico conference, welcoming members from Doeren Mayhew. This was a natural next step from the Mexico delegation meetings we held in Houston (Doeren Mayhew) and Greenville (Elliott Davis). These have resulted in increased dialogue and interaction and, most importantly, referral activity.

In October and November, we held several roundtables as part of our Community Group program. All of these meetings resulted in action items that are being pursued by Moore North America as the Community Group program continues to grow and develop. In addition to the 14 groups already established, we are working with members to add groups in the Cannabis, Healthcare, and Not-for-Profit sectors. These present excellent opportunities to meet and learn from others, while deepening capabilities through the relationships.

The community was active at the global level as well with a new global brand, global Managing Partner conference, global collaboration groups, and most recently, the launch of three global programs – MOORE Ambition, MOORE Learning, and MOORE Global Mobility. North American participation has been good with these programs, though not all firms are participating…yet. The North American team will continue to work with Moore Global to ensure that these programs are available and bring value to participants.

As you make your way through year-end planning and busy season ramps up, we hope that you too can reflect how the Moore community has helped your firm pursue new clients, serve existing ones, and engage talent. We’ve heard from many of you on the great things you are doing to emphasize and strengthen the community – keep those successes coming!